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The Mac Whisperer

“…he has trained everyone from nine years old to ninety years young and forever transformed their lives and how they see their place in the digital revolution.”

The MacWhisperer is dedicated to the belief that no one should be afraid of their own technology. Computers, handhelds, iPods, email… It’s all meant to make our lives easier, not more complicated.

Over the last eight years that has been the MacWhisperer’s calling. Guiding people away from fear and into a place where they are confident in their technological abilities, and capable of utilizing their equipment in a way that improves their communication skills, broadens their horizons, and puts the farthest reaches of this world easily within their grasps. Anyone can learn how to use these tools, and anyone can master them… provided they are dedicated to learning and open to seeing their technology as a benefit rather than a hindrance to their lives.

That’s where the MacWhisperer comes in. Using simple terminology and time proven teaching techniques.

Dylan Stewart, The Mac Whisperer · 310.699.3864