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My twitter face is booked.

Are you swimming in a sea of social media tools like Hootsuite, Twitter, Twaitter? So are we.

I.T. with IQ unveils VirtuaGallery™ at Fresh Paint Art Advisors new Public Gallery Launch on Saturday September 8, 2012 4

I.T. with IQ unveils VirtuaGallery™ at Fresh Paint Gallery September 8, 2012

Web with IQ™ is Liquid Web. Fluid Content and Design That Is Under Your Control

We do websites. For those of you who only know us as tech consultants,

Lookeen, Coppernic, Neomail and Outlook Search

I recently had occasion to work with a client who needed to search dozens of PST archives, and we had to create a way to rummage thru them as PST files. More to come.

Websites and email solutions

Concrete5 is the best CMS around. Spamhero is the best SAAS spam filter around. period. More to come.

Outlook emails, are you getting crushed?

Do you live-and-breathe Microsoft Outlook for your email and messaging?