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Web with IQ™ means fluid content and design that is under your control.

We focus on custom web solutions that involve a lot of piping. We do our own middleware to support multiple APIs and synchronizations from various tech partner solutions used by our clients. In general, we design + back-end-custom-code sites built on top of Magento, Concrete5 (5.6 and 5.7), and WordPress. This includes B2B and portfolio sites, ecomm and online wholesalers, ERP and features geared to business operations, project management and supply chain management, custom mini tools, merchant services and payment processing integrations, CRM integrations, and a variety of product database and inventory management solutions.

Sample client projects include:

Amy Jo Berman – WordPress + WooCommerce; integration with Infusionsoft for CRM; back-end customizations, payment processing.

FP Contemporary – see also on mobile, LAMP on concrete5 plus custom php MySQL. Design, all coding. Middleware and 3rd party database integration.

Fresh Paint Art – Complete B2B platform that requires demonstration, most features are not available to the general public. This web application provides Art Consulting Project Management for high-end hotels and elite residential projects. LAMP build on concrete 5.7 with custom php mysql back end. Design, all coding. Middleware and 3rd party database integration.

My Ace Store – Online store for LA-based Ace Hardware, using proprietary Epicor and iNet technology, loaded with over 15,000 products in online inventory. Design, coding, plus merch account setup and integration.

Fig Tree Therapy Center – Brochure-ware type site, see also on tablet or mobile. Built in concrete5. All design and coding.

Medical Legal Experts – WordPress-based site for Physicians network and medical eval services, designed for new client and partner captures. Design and coding.

Sledgehammer – Probono project. Built on concrete5. Design and coding.

Posner Fine Art – Reboot from old flash-based site to mobile-friendly CMS with updated design. Built in concrete5.

Playback Sports – “Simple Consign” to online store, custom middleware. Designed for the Traxia POS platform + Magento.

New Choice Contractors – Wordpress + custom theme + mobile-friendly animation.