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Web With IQ

We are exceptional back-end mechanics/builders and project managers offering more than 25 years of combined experience and expertise in technology, team building, and real world execution.

We love collaborations, and are excellent at identifying your core strengths and leveraging them for maximum performance. We are sharp, fun and detail oriented while keeping broad-ranging goals and vision in mind.

We specialize in custom web/ecomm/app builds that involve a lot of piping and process integrations. We code our own middleware in supporting a ever-growing variety of API’s and synchronizations with various tech partner solutions. We also create-finesse-improve front-end designs and optimize visitor journeys for documented improved engagement and conversions.

On the back end, we handle anything LAMP aka Linux Apache mySQL PHP, and now also on top of NGINX. Frameworks include bespoke, laravel, symfony, Magento M1 M2, ConcreteCMS, and WordPress custom or turnkey is no problem. Solutions include B2B project management and portfolio apps; eComm web apps with back-end tools customized for the whole enterprise / existing biz processes + new automations; supply chain management; custom mini tools, merchant services and pay capture/processing integrations; also a variety of product database and inventory management solutions; Many integrations and a lot of ERP.

Technology Highlights:

  • Specialties include Shopify-Plus app development and custom theme modifications, eCom platforms and payment capture, ERP and shopping cart integrations for anything — think 3PL WMS OMS CRM POS Omnichannel Inventory and more.
  • Full LAMP Stack developer (Linux Apache PHP MySQL), xCode and Swift for iOS (Apple Mobile apps), Ionic.io and Cordova, and Meteor (Android + Apple mobile hybrid platform).
  • Magento front and back-end, WordPress, WooCommerce, Concrete5, Drupal, Laravel, CakePHP.

Sample client projects include:

  • www.AthleticPropulsionLabs.com – high-end Athletic Apparel online store, all front and back-end work in Shopify including several private Shopify apps; numerous customizations, ongoing management and updates + payment processing and ERP with multiple wholesale accounting fulfillment 3pl b2b and d2c integrations; wide range of 3rd party integrations + custom apps created to support smartest low-friction automagic handling of entire Shopify-D2C order lifecyle.
  • www.FPContemporary.com – see also on mobile, LAMP on concrete5 plus custom php MySql. Design, all coding. Middleware and 3rd party database integration. This is a child site built on top of Fresh Paint Art (next site in this list)
  • www.FreshPaintArt.com – complete B2B platform, most features are not available to the general public (call to arrange 6 minute demo). B2B Art Consulting, Project Management for high-end hotels, office suites, and elite residential projects. LAMP build on concrete 5.7 with custom php mysql back end. Segmented public, membership vs. staff and organizational features, functions / access. executed and design, layout ui/ux, all coding. Middleware and 3rd party database integrations. Built on top of Concrete 5.7 — similar to Laravel framework
  • www.TheBlondeandTheBrunette.com – WordPress, full rebuild and ongoing updates, ecomm integrations for capture, CRM integrations, infusionsoft and others. Responsive – adaptive hybrid for mobile.
  • www.EstrinHinds.com Full site reboot and redesign. WordPress with customized theming, hybrid/adaptive for mobile vs. desktop. all design and custom coding.
  • www.myacestore.com – online store for LA-based Ace Hardware outlet, using proprietary Epicor and iNet technology (POS and web tech provided to Ace Franchisees), loaded with over 12,000 items in inventory. Design, coding, plus merch account setup and integration.
  • www.AmyJoBerman.com – WordPress + WooCommerce; integration with Infusionsoft for CRM, pay wall, memberships and subscriptions; back-end customizations, payment processing.