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iPhone 3.0 software; The Third Times the Charm

. March 14, 2009 . 0 Comments

OK. So, I love my iphone. Got the first version on day 1. Got the 3G version on day 1. I use it to it’s fullest. I promote the hell out of it, and all things Apple. But, let’s be serious here… there is definitely room for improvement… and that’s where the 3.0 software comes in.

One of the things I have always touted about the iphone is that where most phones are 90% hardware and 10% software, it’s the other way around for the iphone. This allows old iphones to get the benefits of new software. This means the iphone does not become technically obsolete as quick as other phones. With the Treo, each new software release was painful, and had to work with the existing hardware of the Treo, but with the iphone…. there is basically no hardware, so each update can significantly enhance the user experience. And it has.

Version 1.0 was clunky, slow, had only web apps, no search in contacts, you could only delete emails one message at a time, you couldn’t move around the icons if you wanted to, it had no location aware capabilities, no colors in calendar, and it crashed constantly. It was still head and shoulders above the Treo or the BlackBerry, but it was just getting started.

By the time 2.0 was released (about a year later), we could sort and organize the home screen buttons, delete emails in groups, sync the categories of ical to the iphone (with colors), search contacts, use GPS like features (even on the original non-GPS iPhone), and the coupe de grace… install 3rd party applications. It was like a whole new phone….
So what is my wish list for version 3.0?

1) COPY & PASTE (I know, that’s a given on everyone’s wish list, but it needs to be said as often as possible so Apple will hear it)

2) MMS… I’m tired of not being able to text pictures to people. It’s embarrassing already.

3) True background notifications, or apps that can run in the background. This would allow apps like Twitter, FaceBook, and AIM to tell you when you have messages waiting

4) A way to edit the autotext dictionary… I am SO SICK of the same typos (that’s a whole other blog), but for crissake, when I type for, I NEVER mean fir… I don’t think I’ve used the word fir outside of picking a christmas tree in my whole life. Let us into that dictionary to add (and delete) these auto-corrections.

5) Let the camera shoot video

6) Turn by turn speech GPS functionality

7) Change the default fonts and font sizes in some apps

8) A better way to organize the home screens (by category)

9) Let me delete the apps I NEVER EVER use

10) Help me with the battery life, please… Or at least give me an easy one button solution to turn off 3G and bluetooth when my battery is running low

11) Let 3rd party apps connect with the core apps… remember what you always taught us Apple… communication is a good thind… And it’s a good thing for apps too. It would enhance functionality

12) Finally let us do landscape email and texting (it’s silly already)

13) Tethering your iphone to your laptop for wifi would also be awesome, but since I already have a Verizon wifi card, ii’s hardly a necessity for me, but still, it would be nice… Very Very nice. So that’s my list. Add your own thoughts or suggestions. And here’s to seeing what they release on March 17. Please Apple.



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