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The MacWhisperer’s tips to work like a pro: Tip #2 Don’t be App-rehensive

. March 19, 2011 . 0 Comments

Tip #2: Don’t be App-rehensive… Avoid the Web and Use Your Apps

So I saw something today that caught my attention and gave me clarity about what I wanted to post today. So what did I see? An iPhone with no apps. Not a single one (other than the pre-installed apps). I was aghast. And in the place of apps he had dozens of bookmarks he had saved to his home page. When asked he laughed and said “why would I use an app when I can just go to the webpage?”

People… STOP DOING THAT!!!!!
Let me explain. You can go to Facebook or Amazon or Google on any device. You can use a computer, a tablet, a smart phone, or even a standard cell phone… Each of these websites know the future. They know that we are moving more and more to mobile devices. They know that cell phones, smart phones and tablets are going to take more and more of the market share. So to take advantage of that, they have developed mobile versions of their websites so they don’t miss any opportunities. But there’s a caveat. To deliver Amazon on a standard cell phone you have to make massive compromises. These mobile sites are usually significantly less powerful and fully featured than their grown up counterparts. So when you whip out your iPhone, or iPad and go to one of these websites, you’re consciously going to a lesser website when you’re device is capable of so much more. So stop that.

But there’s even more. Your iPhone and iPad have a special weapon. It called APPS!!!!

With these apps, not only are you not going to a lesser than site on a greater device, you are getting added features, some of which are not even available on the main site. WHAT???!!!! How is that possible? Because unlike a website that has to be made for the lowest common denominator, an app has been made for a specific device. Therefore, the app KNOWS exactly what your device is capable.

For example, the Google app allows you to do searching by voice. The Facebook app allows you to use location aware tools to geotag your posts. The Amazon app allows you to do searching via barcode scanning using your iphone’s camera. How cool is that?

So get over your app-rehension, and starting getting more done from the palm of your hand.

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