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Beginning The Great Migration — MobileMe users to get free Snow Leopard DVDs from Apple

. May 31, 2012 . 0 Comments

June is upon us. Usually that’s a good thing, but this year it’s giving some Mac users reason to panic — it’s finally time to let go of MobileMe and make the switch to iCloud (by June 30th, to be exact).

For the next few weeks I’ll be touching on this theme of migrating to iCloud in order to hopefully shake you stragglers loose of your “migration anxiety.”

Now, I know many are holding back because of a very simple logistical hitch — you need Lion in order to run iCloud. In order to upgrade to Lion, you need Snow Leopard (because Lion can only be downloaded by Snow Leopard users as opposed to installed via disc). But for those of you who still don’t have Snow Leopard and are resistant to pay for it, Apple’s actually coming to your rescue —

Apple is currently sending free DVDs of Snow Leopard to current MobileMe users.

If you would like to take advantage of this, click here, log into your MobileMe account, fill in the address form, and await your DVD. Be sure to do so before the program expires on June 15.

Not only will this enable you to download the upgrade for Lion (and subsequently migrate to iCloud), but the Snow Leopard upgrade is typically a $29 value, so you can feel good about saving that dough.

For those of you who may have specific fears about migrating, go ahead and post them. If you’ve had a particularly smooth experience moving over, feel free to share that, too. I want to stress that the switch sounds scarier than it is, and trust me — MobileMe is only holding you back as far as its capabilities and user friendliness go.

Share your stories, thoughts, and concerns — I look forward to reading them!

MacWhisperer OUT.

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