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Web with IQ™ is Liquid Web. Fluid Content and Design That Is Under Your Control

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We do websites. For those of you who only know us as tech consultants, this is big news. But most notably, we do websites that are Liquid; easy to change, maintain and update. A website must be fluid and flexible or it loses freshness and becomes a challenge to manage. It’s no fun to feel stuck or cornered with something someone else built that you have no control over. In short, if you’re not on an easy content management system (CMS), you should ask us about helping you get to the right solution for you, including terrific free open source options. Considering Drupal or WordPress? I have been preaching a different gospel when it comes to web. There is an outstanding platform that’s been emerging on the open source scene, so take a glance at www.concrete5.org and ask us about it.

Most recently, we completed our biggest website yet with the launch of www.freshpaintart.com. This was built with concrete5, custom sql on the back, and a lot of cool javascript effects. But that’s just tech talk. Fresh Paint Art Advisors gave us a complex project with many facets and priorities, and we love that. Suffice it to say, this is an art industry solution that was designed for one client, and it had to fit like a glove. But there are other variations, different shapes and flavors to be had —all based on the same methods and approach.

With this particular project, we also pushed for a breakthrough to something that would have a wider application across related industries including collectibles, fine arts, art galleries and consultants, antique dealers, and jewelers. The project has now morphed in to an online application called VirtuaGallery™. In a matter of days, we’ll be officially announcing our new partnership with Colorado-based Masterpiece Solutions (www.masterpiecemanager.com) on the launch of VirtuaGallery.

“VirtuaGallery was developed for our most demanding customers,” according to Kevin Warr, President of Masterpiece Solutions. “When I saw the beta version over six months ago, I immediately saw something I had been wanting for our customers. Ethan Feerst and his team have created the perfect companion to our Masterpiece Manager line. They have created an online Virtual Gallery that can take any operation, and give them complete control over the website experience they want their customers and collaborators to have.

Much more than a website or boilerplate design, VirtuaGallery is a carefully designed online experience that allows the hosting business to connect their clients, designers and buyers to personalized collections, needs and preferences. We wanted to make it incredibly easy for galleries and related businesses to change absolutely ANY part of their website. With VirtuaGallery, they will get total point-and-click control of text, pictures and content on any page. This is what I like to call “Liquid Web” and it’s a design strategy that is of critical importance to any of our client websites. Variations of this can be applied to any business website or online store.

See our Web with IQ page for further details in coming days and weeks.

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