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How Technology Makes life easier: Part I

. March 14, 2009 . 0 Comments

So I have an 18 month old son. And like most kids, be likes to watch the same movies over again and again and again. So, we’ve bought him certain DVDs. The problem is, he also likes to play with the disks and the cases. And to boot, he’s smart enough to open the DVD player and take the disks out for himself.

So I’ve come up with a solution. Apple TV.

At first, I’ll admit, I had no idea why anyone would buy or want an apple tv. I could already put my movies onto an iPod and play the iPod through the tv for video or music. But then I got one, and now I get it.

I rip DVDs into appleTV and iPod capable movies, and then my computer automatically syncs them with the appleTV, allowing me to watch them seamlessly and easily on my big screen. I can also buy the movies from The iTunes store on either the appleTV or my computer easily.

It also syncs my music and photos, so I no longer need an iPod dock in my kitchen, or my digital photo frame there. My movies, music, podcasts, you the videos and photos are all just a click away.

And soon I will hack the appleTV and add boxee to it, which will let me watch videos from many online streaming sources right from my couch with my universal remote.

Now, when we buy a DVD for my son, I ripit to my computer, and sync it with the appleTV, and from then on, it doesn’t really matter what he does to the DVDs, or what kind of shape they are in.

Technology making things easier. I love it.

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