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Technology Tips: The Right Email Address

. July 2, 2010 . 0 Comments

Just like the last generation was impressed by a good physical address in Malibu, or Beverly Hills, or a prime phone number in the 310 area code, the next generation is impressed by a smart email address. Free email addresses like AOL, gmail, MSN, hotmail, and yahoo are ok for personal use, but make a bad impression as a business address.

If you were approached by two equally qualified accountants, one of them, and the other who would you hire? Are you more likely to work with, or Free email addresses are just that, free… and as such, they give the impression that you don’t take yourself or your business seriously. They say to your prospective clients that you might be running your business from the back of your van, and you could just as easily be gone tomorrow,

It’s easy and cheap to secure your own domain:, or, or It says you’re here to stay. It says you’re committed to your business. And it says you’re the right man for the job. You don’t ever have to put a website on the address (although you could do that just as easily), but you can simply use it as your email address, and with that permanent, custom address you will win clients and influence higher paydays.

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